Viktor Lazarov is a classically trained pianist (M.Mus. piano performance, Schulich School of Music, McGill University) and musicologist (Ph.D. candidate at the Faculty of Music of the University of Montreal).

An advocate of 20th and 21st century Balkan composers, Viktor has organized and performed as a soloist in over 25 recitals and lecture-recitals across Canada and in Europe. In 2021, his recital Eastern Winds featuring works by Ana Sokolović, Marko Tajčević, Sergei Rachmaninov and a world premiere by Miodrag Lazarov Pashu, has been broadcast online by Montreal’s prestigious Société Pro Musica concert series. He has received numerous prizes and scholarships for his performances and studies, including the coveted Canada Graduate Scholarship Social Science & Humanities Research Council Master's Award.

Viktor's first published scholarly work has been awarded an Opus prize in the “Article of the Year” category by the Conseil québécois de la musique. Supervised by professors Caroline Traube and Sylvain Caron at the University of Montreal, Viktor studies stylistically contrasting performance-practices of baroque music and its pedagogical applications at the university-level. Viktor's research explores novel approaches to performance analysis including accent-based score interpretation, quantitative analysis of performance parameters, and qualitative descriptions of the creative process by expert musicians

He has presented his work, both as a musicologist and as a pianist, at conferences and concert venues in Europe, the United States and Canada. His research-creation has been awarded multiple scholarships by interdisciplinary research institutions such as the CIRMMT, OICRM, as well as Music Faculties of the University of Montreal and McGill University.

Viktor holds an M.Mus. and a Graduate Diploma in Performance from McGill University’s Schulich School of Music, where he studied with professor Ilya Poletaev, and a B.Mus. from the School of Music of the University of South Carolina where he studied with professor Marina Lomazov. His previous mentors include pianists and professors Gregory Chaverdian and Marina Mdivani.

In addition, Viktor completed a Certificate in Business Administration from the John Molson School of Business of Concordia University. For his original and entrepreneurial approach to his career as a pianist and young scholar, Viktor has been awarded the prize of “Best Career Project” by the Fondation du Père Lindsay.

Reviews and testimonials

"In the continuity of his research and creation work, Viktor has performed works inspired by the rich folklore of the Balkans. His performance was dazzling and his communication with the audience was outstanding. He shows great musicality, an impressive mastery of his instrument as well as a contagious pleasure to be on stage. The public responded enthusiastically to this musical celebration. […]
This recital around the music of the Balkans was a beacon of its 2017-2018 programming and I sincerely thank Viktor Lazarov for this initiative. […] Viktor is one of our great artists; he will, without a doubt, be an outstanding musical ambassador!"

Simon Blanchet, Artistic Director, Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"Viktor offered us a bold program, full of discoveries and delivered with remarkable sensitivity and depth of feeling"

Françoise Davoine, curator for the Mélodînes series (young artists division) of Société Pro Musica

"Viktor has given three lectures/performances: Performing Bach in the 20th century (November 2016); Beauty in Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas (February 2016) and Rhythm & Colours of the Balkans (April 2018). In a non-academic environment, Viktor has the capacity for making the more challenging aspects of music accessible to music-lovers of all levels and ages.  His enthusiasm and energetic spirit is very apparent, making his communication style all the more warm, friendly and engaging.  
In his lecture, Rhythm & Colours of the Balkans, Viktor demonstrates his ability to lead, by championing the music of some of the finest Serbian and Serbian-Canadian composers of today.  With the creative visual and aural components of a slide presentation with audioclips, the finer points of musical style and compositional technique are highlighted, culminating with the live performance of many pieces on piano.  The exposure of new music expertly performed, was for many, an enlightening, educational, informative and most enjoyable experience.  
Viktor is most effective in the public library environment, and a real pleasure to have as a guest speaker. His passion for music is infectious, and he is very well-liked by our patrons in the community"

Farah Mohammed, lecture series organizer, Eleanor London Public Library, Côte-St-Luc, Quebec, Canada

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