Historic recordings of the 20th century

As a researcher, musicologist, and pianist, I am always on the lookout for stimulating ideas, creators, artists, recordings, and other sources of inspiration for my work. Here are a few.

Historic recordings

Claudio Arrau

Beethoven's Sonata No. 32 op.111 in C minor

I first heard this recording as a teenager and it remains, to this day, my reference recording of Beethoven's famed (and notoriously complex and challenging) last piano sonata.

Leopold Godowsky

Schubert arrangements (Gute Nacht and Morgengruss)

The balance between expressivity, nuance, subtle tempo deviations and objectivity in Godowsky's playing has fascinated me for a long time. The charm of the curtain of hiss of historical recordings is an added allure to this elegant rendition.

Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli

Galuppi Sonata in C major

"Non solo perfezione tecnica, ma anche perfezione nell'anima!" exclaimed a former student of the great Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli in an interview broadcast in a documentary on the maestro by the RAI. The rediscovery of Michelangeli's recordings during the covid pandemic has been a source of inspiration for me and a renewal of my approach to the piano.

Claude Debussy

Debussy: Clair de lune / Préludes / Images / Estampes / Arabesques / Rêverie / Ariettes oubliées / Pélleas et Mélisande

How do composers play their own works? How faithful are they to the indications they leave on the score? More or less, according to our perspective today, if we rely on this recording of Claude Debussy at the piano!

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