Intellectual, artistic, or business personalities and innovators

As a researcher, musicologist, and pianist, I am always on the lookout for stimulating ideas, creators, artists, recordings, and other sources of inspiration for my work. Here are a few.

Musicians, composers and musicologists

Bruce Haynes, The End of Early Music

First recommended to me by my teacher at McGill University, Ilya Poletaev, this book opened up for me the possibilities of baroque interpretation which I then explored (and exploited!) in my master's and doctorate theses. Written in an expressive and provocative style, it constitutes an excellent overview of the main trends in 20th century performance practice: romantic, modern and period performance.


David Cutler, author of The Savvy Musician

My former teacher, the unforgettable and inventive David Cutler, was the one who opened my eyes to the world of musical entrepreneurship. This book is essential for those who wish to learn about the prospect of self-management of their own careers as professional musicians. Highly recommended!

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